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Friday, December 31, 2010

...Harga 2011...

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Berikut adalah harga-harga produk Farra Delight yang akan berkuatkuasa mulai 1/1/2011.
(Bagi order yang telah diterima sebelum 31/12/2010, harga mengikut yang telah dipersetujui).

::Frozen Food Products::

Pizza :: RM 4.50/pcs (any flavour).
Apple Pie :: RM 4.00/pack (5pcs).
Curry Puff :: RM 2.00/pack (5pcs).
Doughnut :: RM 2.00/pack (5pcs).
Sardine Roulade :: RM 2.00/pack (5pcs).

::Cakes Products:: -Basic price-

Regular Butter Cake (Pure Butter) :: RM 18.00/kg.
Butterscotch Cake (Most favourite!!~!!~) :: RM 20.00/kg.
Moist Devil's Food Cake - Regular (Chocolate Cake) :: RM 40.00/kg.
Moist Devil's Food Cake - Premium :: RM 42.00/kg.
Moist Devil's Food Chocolate Superior (Most favourite!!~!~) :: RM 55.00/kg.
Vanilla Custard Cream (with fruits treassure) :: RM 42.00/box - estimately more than 1.3kg.
Black Forest :: RM 50/kg. - We used Devil's Food Cake for cake base.
All kind of Cream Cheese Cake :: RM 47.00/kg. (for 8-10 persons).
Tiramisu :: RM 52.00/box. (for 8-10 persons).
Brownies :: RM 22.00/box. (for 18 persons).
Regular Buttercream Cake :: Price starts from RM 45.00 (basic price).
***Edible image - Add RM 20.00 (Imported from Penang, the price is RM 20).***
***Additional Accessories - Additional price depends on accessories***

---Wedding & Engagement Cake---
**We use "Devil's Food Cake" for "Chocolate Cake", and "Butterscotch Cake" for "Vanilla Cake"**

Cake's weight starts from 1.5kg :: RM 75.00 (Basic Price - both chocolate and vanilla).
2kgs :: RM 100.00 (Basic Price - both chocolate and vanilla)

---2 tiers Cake---
Starts from RM 200.00 (Cake base size : 13).

---Barbie Doll 3D---
"S" size - RM 95.00.
"M" size - RM 150.00.
"L" size" - RM 200.00 (reduced price).

---Number Carving Cake---
"S" size - RM 75.00 (for 20-25 persons).
"M" size - RM 95.00 (for 40-45 persons).
"L" size - RM 120.00 (more than 50 persons).

***Cupcake size is "m" (2.5 oz)***
***Harga tertera adalah harga basic yang akan berubah mengikut design***

---Buttercream (basic price)---
Set of 16 :: RM 40.00
set of 25 :: RM 60.00

---Fondant (basic price)---
Set of 16 :: RM 60.00
Set of 25 :: RM 90.00

::Side Dishes Products (Very suitable for any occasions - birthdays, farewell, wedding, engagement, corporate and etc...)::

Chocolate Balls :: RM 18/box (10 balls).
Cream Puff a.k.a. Pâte à choux :: RM 27.00/100pcs.
Moist Chocolate Muffin :: RM 70.00/100pcs.
Muffin (Blueberry, Strawberry, Choc Chips&Choc Rice) :: RM 65.00/100pcs.
Egg Tart :: RM 1.30/pcs ; RM 110/100pcs.

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