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Thursday, May 13, 2010

...Opera Cake...

In sleep he sang to me
In dreams he came
That voice that calls to me and speaks my name
And do I dream again for now I find
The Phantom of the Opera is there
Inside my mind

Sing once again with me
Our strange duet
My power over you grows stronger yet
And though you turn from me to glance behind
The Phantom of the Opera is there
Inside your mind

Those who have seen your face
Draw back in fear
I am the mask you wear
It's me they hear...

Your/My spirit and my/your voice in one combined
The Phantom of the Opera is there
Inside my/your mind

He�s there, the phantom of the opera!

He�s there, the phantom of the opera

Sing, my Angel of Music
Sing, my Angel
Sing for me
Sing, my Angel!
Sing for me!

I have brought you
to the seat of sweet music's throne
to this kingdom where all must pay homage to music
You have come here,
for one purpose, and one alone
Since the moment I first heard you sing,
I have needed you with me,
to serve me, to sing,
for my music...
my music...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

...Special For Students...

Students Package
Size : Paperliner 10; about 60-70 grams.
Price : RM 1.00 each
Minimum 20pcs.

**Students memana yang nak bagi cikgu for teacher's day nie memang sesuai sangat laa nie... So, cecepatla call before my jadual penuh ya, dear..??

Love, Farah...

Monday, May 10, 2010

...Mother's Day Dinner @ D'Kantan, Kubang Kerian...

Mother's Day Cupcakes for mama...

Mama, my sis and Farihin...

...Mother's Day Dinner @ D'Kantan, Kubang Kerian...

My sister (Jamilah), Farihin and I...

My mom in the middle...

Mother's Day dinner.. My husband (juz' his side in the picture).

My mom and sister eating Chicken Chop.. Each time we eat here, each time mom will choose this menu.

My husband and mine - Kuey Tiow Kung Fu. Each time we eat here, each time I'll choose this menu.

...Happy Mother's Day...

An order from Ezzah Liana which is now in Penang for her beloved mother. Requested for red and white theme, and dun want it to be boring a little, I've added a little ammount of pink and green. Ezzah sent me a message through fb "Thanks for the lovely cupcakes, juz can taste the picture from far..."

Thank you very much Ezzah..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

...My Farihin Wheely Basikal... Akibatnya...

5 jahitan kat dahi...

Namun begitu, aku masih mampu tersenyum... (Farihin yang kata..)

I am Farihin, will be 4 years old this August... I love to play bicycle.. This is what I got for playing bicycle (on my forehead over there).

A few month before my 1st birthday, I've been sewed at my chin. I jumped from my parent's bed down to the floor and accidentally my chin kissed my mom's computer table.. I never cried cuz' I dunno what happened. My mum and dad straightly sent me to the hospital and got sewed..

Last Thursday, I played with my bicycle.. I tried to make a style what we called wheelly, near the stairs of my house. Accidentally I falled and the handle kissed my forehead. My mum was so shocked and straightly sent me to the hospital.. She called my dad who was at the office and straightly he came over me in the emmergency room. I was accompanied my dad, grandmother and my nanny while the doctor was sewing my forehead.

Thanks everybody.

...Order dari Cikgu Seri...

Thank you very much Cikgu Seri

...Barbie Birthday Cake...

Vanilla Birthday Cake with Chocolate Filling

Order dari Ewin (Hospital Pakar Perdana) untuk hari jadi anaknya yang ke-9. Asalnya mahukan kek berbentuk nombor 9, tapi saya tak ada acuan tu.. So tukar bentuk biasa tapi nak ada bentuk nombor 9. Saya bercadang untuk menggantikan nombor 9 tu dengan lilin, tapi malangnya kat kedai tu stok habis.. So, saya gantikan dengan lilin huruf HAPPY BIRTHDAY untuk dipasang pada kek nie.. Moga birthday girl terpujuk dengan pujukan tu... Thank you Ewin...