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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

...Special For Students...

Students Package
Size : Paperliner 10; about 60-70 grams.
Price : RM 1.00 each
Minimum 20pcs.

**Students memana yang nak bagi cikgu for teacher's day nie memang sesuai sangat laa nie... So, cecepatla call before my jadual penuh ya, dear..??

Love, Farah...


  1. Hi Farrah Deen, drop by my pondok when free. I have something very special for you. Hope you like seafood, *wink*.
    You stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart. Lee.
    Ps, I love your cupcakes.

  2. Hey there Uncle Lee.. I got fever here and you got the medicine!~ U know I love seafood.. And dress which is green. It will be real... It will be real. Come here in Kelantan, U'll see the dress with the cake U've sent me the recipe... Thank you Uncle Lee...

  3. Yang nie minimum order 20pcs while the price is rm1 each cupcake... So, 20x1 = rm20... That's minimum order... I dun make deal less than 20pcs... Thanks... :)