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Saturday, December 25, 2010

...For Fauzan's birthday from Deena...

Moist Devil's Food Premium 1kg

I got this order from Deena which is from Kedah. Thank you very much, Deena. Have a great day ahead... :) :)


  1. Hi Farra Deen, wow! I really love these cakes, especially the colours! And the roses look really gorgeous too.
    I bet Deena has a black belt in cake making.
    Here's wishing you the very best of seasons greetings, have a great week, Lee.

  2. Hello Lee!~ I think it's quite long time ago you were here... Errmmm... 8 years ago, rite...? Hahaha... :p~ Kidding!~

    Well.., the cake, actually it was me who did it. Deena from Kedah ordered it for her boyfriend which is living in Pasir Mas, Kelantan (about 25 minutes away from my home). Huhue...

    Thanks for your compliment, anyway... Ahakkss... :) You know what, so many people loves red and white... :)

    Okies, wish u a merry christmas, too... And happy new year.

    Take care, Lee!~ :) Have a bright day ahead... :)