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Friday, December 31, 2010

...Frozen Doughnut...

Farra Delight's Frozen Doughnut. See.., gebu amat..!!~!~ :) :)
The best Frozen Doughnut everrrrr!!~ Taste exactly the same as bakery's doughnut!!~ Tell me, where else you can get Frozen Doughnut exactly as bakery's doughnut taste?? Well.., you can get it here!!~ Very smooth, spongy texture!!~ Muah!~ Love it!!~ Only RM2/pack (5pcs)!!~!~ Nyum!~ Nyum!~ Ea...t it with your eyes closed... You'll fall in loveeeee with it!!~~!~

Donat setelah dibentukkan... Menunggu untuk digoreng... :)


  1. Hi Farra Deen, I love donuts, but never tried frozen ones. Frozen durians, yes.
    Here's wishing you a very happy new year. Stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  2. Hi Lee!~!!~ Thanks for visiting my cakes pondok here..!~ :)

    Oh, Frozen Donuts, we freeze it after a slightly fry. Half cook. Then we pack it. :)

    Well.., I love durians. But never tried frozen durian... Hahaha...

    Wish you a happy new year too... :)

    Take good care!!~!~ :) :)
    Have a bright day ahead... :) :)