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Sunday, May 24, 2009

..::More Muffins for Tomorrow::..

Muffins for tomorrow.. I juz' finished baking those muffins last an hour.. They will be sent to the cafes and coffee shop around Kota Bharu..
A little much about these muffins :-
-They have no preservative.
-Bake freshly. I do go for service every three days for every coffee shop and cafe which I exchange the muffins I've placed three days before.
- With Allah's will, they are all halal.
- InsyaAllah, they taste great.
- Every product of mine are made from scratch. Even sponge cakes, I make them from scratch.
- Individual pack.
- Hygenically sealed.
- Price : RM 1 per pcs. RM 80 for 100 pcs.

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