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Saturday, May 16, 2009

..::Last Nite Task::..

Salam wbt..,

Hm... After getting rest for a few weeks, making me missed my world of kitchen stuff so much!~ The only thing I could do that moment was just 'eating' and cook a little.. Hmm.., you should know how we miss our hobby as we've been living with it for years!~ And suddenly we have to forget it for a while... Are you agree with me??

I start taking orders since last a couple of days. I met my friends at a weekly meeting.. She told me, it's been 2 weeks she's been craving for my Sardine Roulades and Doughnuts!!~ Hahaha!~ Sorry, you still can't get it even if you can reach me since last 2 weeks, though... You know, I was in my rest mood. Last Wednesday, she'd asked me to make 65pcs of Sardine Roulade and 25pcs of Doughnut for her.. Okie then. As I'm available, and I am now open to take orders, then the order has been accepted...

65pcs Sardine Roulade for Kak Ani (RM 15.00).
10 packs of Sardine Roulade (5pcs per packets) for DM Nur Mini Mart (My new dealer).
100pcs of Sardine Roulade for Kak Nah.

I've been rolling it since morning.. Finished it last nite... My back hurts that much!!~ Ouchh!~ Thanks for everyone..!!~ Love u so much!~

p/s : Not pitcha here!~ My digicam is now is 'RIP'... Huaa!~

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