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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

..::A Little Bit About Moist Devil's Food Cake::..

A little bit about Moist Devil's Food Cake :-

- Moist, airy, mostly layered.
- More chocolatey; only uses choco powder to appear its deeper and darker mahogany color and often uses cocoa as opposed to chocolate for the flavor.
- Devil's food cake incorporates butter.
- Less egg than other chocolate cakes.
- Devil's food cake was introduced in the United States in the early 20th century with the recipe in print in 1905.
- The lack of melted chocolate is typically what distinguishes a 'devil's food cake' from a chocolate cake. The use of hot, or boiling water as the cake's main liquid, rather than milk, is also a common difference. The cake is usually paired with a rich chocolate frosting.

I hope people out there can manage to understand the differences between Devil's Food Cake and regular Moist Chocolate Cake.. In Moist Devil's Food Cake, usually there's no coffee or nescafe. And both of them are not the same. Maybe juz' the color.. Hmm.. :) Cheers!!~!~!~

A Little Bit About My Chocolate Mousse :-

- No raw egg at all. I use less of egg in every single recipe of my product.

- Chocolatey

- Halal, of course.

- Made from non-dairy fresh cream.

I use less of egg in every single recipe I have. So, they are healthy, rite? :p!!~~

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