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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

..::Happy Mother's Day::..

"Happy Mother's Day Cupcakes"
Salam wbt..,
These cupcakes of "Mother's Day" ordered by Na, one of my best friend.. (1 of the empat serangkai). She asked for these cupcakes since last 2 weeks. She told me to send on 24th May but she'd exchanged her mind up to 27th May.. At the moment, those cuppies are still in my chiller... Kire cam soalan bocor lew nie.. hehehe... Na, thank you very much for ordering with me... Harap2 mama suke ngan cuppies nie.. yek..? Special aku wat utk ma... Ko kim salam kat ma yek..?? Ckp "Happy Mother's Day" kat mama yek.. Thanks!!~~!~!~

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