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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

...Hari Raya Pertama...

Cakes... In the box.

Vanilla Cake, Almond Custard layered.
(I've promised the owner to make hazelnut custard, but I've failed to find hazelnut meal everywhere. I've changed it to almond... Sorry k??)
*Designed as the owner's wish. She emailed me the picture. Except additional silver beads and colours are quite different).

Assalamualaikum... Just' to tell a story about my Eid.. A few days before Eid, my taylor told me "I've failed to sew your dress". I was juz "Hmmm..." thinking about the dress... And about the engagement cakes to be finished on the 1st Syawal, the engagement will be held on 2nd Syawal... "Nevermind then, my 1st hari raya will be raya with the cakes... So, I'm not going anywhere. Carry on, then". Huhuhu!~ So On the 1st Syawal, I baked two of 1.5kgs Vanilla Cakes, one in 'love' shape, one in square shape.. I was juz' finished it on 5 p.m.

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