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Monday, February 16, 2009

..::Moist Devil's Food Cake::..

Kek coklat basah nie diorder oleh my office mate. Dah lama sangat dah dia nak makan kek nie. But unfortunately, banyak perkara yg berlaku. Mesin rosaklah, itu la.., inilaa... Macam2 hal. So, I bought a new mixer, then last Saturday, I made this cake. Niat di hati nak buat sedikit hiasan by whipped cream or something.. But, xcukup bahan.. So, I made the simple one.. I made this cake the night before. Then, pagi Ahad I woke up at 5.30 am, straightly get in the kitchen to melt the chocolate.. Then decorate the cake.. Well.., thanks K.ha.. I hope that u'll like it, okay??
Name : Moist Devil's Food Cake.
Weight : 1kg.
Price : RM 38.00

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