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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

..::Apple Pie::..

Apple Pie
I made this apple pie last nite. Thinking about to sell this as frozen stuff but still in R&D. It is quite nice to me. Not sooo sweet and the cinnammon flavour not that much. Just nice. So with the crust.. I used the same batter of the curry puff and sardine roll's crust.


  1. hmm...kat chatbox dah tanya..here nak tanya lagi.. sedap nampak apple pie tu..kalau buat frozen camno nak ngap??!!..kena bakar lg sekali ke juz reheat kat pan??...pie sedap mkn panas2 kan...

  2. Hye akak Sheeta!~ Pie tu kalo wat frozen, juz goreng aje lagi skalie sama macam frozen curry puff jugak.. Sedap makan panas-panas.. :)