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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

..::Bad Day, huh..??::..

I dunno if today is a bad day to me or what... But uh..!~ Better say that it is a bad, bad day today!!~

This morning I opened the sliding door of my home rite after I'm awake. It is 7.15am and the sun is rising... What a weird thing when I saw the fence is widely open while I were the one who locked the fence last night (1.00am) before I went to bed... (Is my brother at home, or he's out??) I, then turned on the TV for a view. Suddenly thinking about the weird thing, I went out to have a look of my brother's slipper and motorcycle. The slipper is at its place but not the motorcycle! I rushed to my bro's room, knocked the door and call his name again and again and again. He is obviously in his room!! He yelled as I shout his name. Well.., obviously his motorcycle is stollen!! OMG!~ What a bad day.. We are not rich, but this is the second time people came to my house to steal after a few years.. Last time it was my husband's handphone... And I think I knew who did it.. And now it is my brother's motorcycle... Poor my mom, she's sooo upset. We are not rich, but why are those people love to steal things that ours?? Hhmmm.... :(

Then, I went to my work place. My mum came to take me as we got thing to do today. She hasn't yet know about my bro's motorcycle. Then my hubby told her as they meet in the office. She got a major shock, everybody can see it! Then she continously talk about it in the car as we're out... But then I've lost my handphone... Oh my... It's a gift from my youngest sister as she knew I am unable to buy one... Poor me, rite?? I think, I've left it on the chair near the shoe-repairer. But when I went to him and asked if he saw my handphone, he said that he didn't.. But I knew I left it there.. rite on the chair.. I don't wanna accuse him but I am so sure about it.. He took it and pretending as he didn't see or take the phone... Poor me again, again, rite??


  1. hmm...byk pekara berlaku dalam masa serentak ye.. anggap semua tu bukan rezeki kita..Insyallah..sikit masa lagi Allah akan ganti kan dgn yg lebih baik..sabar k..

  2. Tu laa pasal K.Sheeta... InsyaAllah.. mungkin akan ada yg lebih baik dari tu.. Allah kan maha kaya.. :)