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Thursday, February 26, 2009

..::I've been tagged!!!~::..

Seems like I've been tagged by a friend called "Anis"... Huiks!! Tough jugak hang nyer homework yek?? Hahaha... Okay, kat bawah nie, okay Pn. Anis.. I sahut cabaran U tau... Hahaha!

1. Outside...

Introduce your wallet brand, price and where you bought it.

Wallet Brand: Rucini
Price: RM 50++. Lupe..
Where you bought: Billion Kota Sri Mutiara Kota Bharu.

2. Inside...
3. Perkakasan yang telah dikeluarkan.
4. Uiks!! Tu je duit yg aku ada?? Hahaha..!!~
5. The purse and I... Takyah snap my face la yek..?? Hihi :D

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