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Friday, January 4, 2013

...Blueberry Butter Cake...

...Blueberry Butter Cake by Farra Delight...
Only at rm4.00 each box!!~!~

Assalamualaikum dearest customers, valuable supporters of Farra Delight a.k.a. Farawan Enterprise... :) :) :)
How are you guys?? I hope all of you are always in a very good condition in this very fine morning... :) :) :) My family member in the house are all in a very good condition even the weather nowadays, well, you know, heavy rain and the floats. Oh, luckily in my area, there is no float!!~!~ Thank you Allah... :)

Well.., about the post today, I would like to present you my product. It is called "Blueberry Butter Cake". It is kind of regular butter cake, but I add some layers of Blueberry Filling inside. And alhamdulillah, most of my customers since long time ago loveeeeeee this cake. So many request I received when I don't restock this product.

The taste of blueberry with the butter cake makes you flying without wing. Plus, if it from Farra Delight, of course you'll taste the best of homemade cake and pastry products.

How to get it??? Oh yes, juz make a call to confirm the stock, if it in or not, okies. Then I'll sms you the direction how to get to my place, then juz' come!!~!~ We have so many of choices which you can't miss!!~ Take a try of every each!!~!~ They are special... Yeapsssss..!!~!~ :) :) :)


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