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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

...Farra Delight 'n' New Galore!!~!~...

Yeayyy!!~!~!~ Farra Delight now got it's own galore!!~!~

Well.., it is actually a house with 3 rooms and a kitchen which this house will take place 100% Farra Delight's business, including production, sales and customer meeting. :) :) :) It will be much easier for my customer to meet me, means you guys won't have to find my home to make an order.

It is actually not really far from my house, juz' about 5-7 minutes walking. Juz' near, rite? :) :) :)

Let me give u some hints of the location...!~

1. If you are from RTM Wakaf Che Yeh :: Go straight till u find a roundabout. Take 12 o'clock and go straight again until u find a carwash on your left. My premise is exactly next to the carwash, attached with yellow big wooden house and restaurant. Got a big replica of waterfall in front of it. Park directly at the compound of the house.

2. If you are from Tesco/Kg. Sireh/Pintu Geng :: Juz' go straight until u find a mosque on your rite. You will see a restaurant with green roof exactly at the corner. It is attached with yellow wooden house with a big waterfall replica in front of it. Park your car directly in the compound of the house.

You may call me for detail :: 013-9564578. Thank you very much. :) :) :)

Ruang depan.



Processing room...

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