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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fast sale!!~ Fast sale!!~ Fast sale!!~ Limited to 1 set only!!~!~ sms or call my number 013-9564578 for supper dupper faster deal..!!~!~

Moist chocolate cupcake with special chocolate buttercream.
Self pickup only..!!~
This set is ready stock set - available 20/1/2011 - until stock last!!~!~
Only 1 set available.
Call me now..!!~!~ :)



  1. Hi Farra Dean, wow! I love your this cup cakes. They're beautiful!
    Love your presentation too and can see you really took the trouble to make them look soooo exciting too.

    There's a lovely lady blogger 'Zue' (see her comment)....she too not only teaches a class but doing a roaring cake business.
    Here's wishing you every success and good sales.
    Have a great weekend, stay beautiful, and simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

  2. Farra Dean, I forgot, you mind I copy your this Chocolate cup cake pics?
    I will display it bila saya naik angin and post about beautiful ladies who make beautiful cakes...will credit you of course.

    Boleh kan? Okay, outang you teh tarek lambong tinggi. Ha ha.

  3. Hello Lee... Thanks for dropping by my pondok.. Thanks for the compliments also... You're always give me a very high compliments... :p~ Huhue... Oh, about Zue's, I'd really want to see her touch. :)
    Lee, you can copy my cakes or cupcakes or whatever products photos anytime... Thanks anyway, for helping me doing business.. Haha, it's such an advertisement also... Hehe...

    Yeap, u outang I teh tarek lambong tinggi, of course... Remember that. :p~~~ Ahakkss... Thank you. :)