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Sunday, July 4, 2010

...Very Superb and Very Chocolatey Cupcake... Really can't stand with it!!!~~

...Very Superb!! Very Chocolatey!!...
Special for chocolate lover!!

The recipe been created very special for chocolate lovers. The taste which you will not forget...
The taste of chocolate which will bring you fly... Even without chocolate ganache on top, it will make you drown... Built in chocolate itself in cupcakes!~ Try it now.. It is the latest product from us!

Price :
1 pc : RM 1.50
100 pcs : RM 120.00

Minimum order : 20 pcs... Maximum order : 100 pcs...


  1. Farra Deen is admired for her beauty, wisdom, patience, understanding and her chocolate cup cakes. They just melt in your mouth....
    Have a beautiful Sunday, Farra Deen, and hold that smile.....Lee

  2. Hello, Lee.. Thank you very much for visiting me here.. :) Always with that sweet words.. Huhue.. Anyway, Lee, thank you very much for the compliments.. :) Have a beautiful day.. :)